Friday, October 7, 2011

First Day of School

Our plan is currently still to home school out kiddlets but in this season we have put them in preschool at a wonderful local church. This year both of them are in class at the same time Samuel is in the 4 year old and Ellie is in the 3 year old class. Works out great they are on the same day.

So far Ellie's teacher has reported that Ellie came out of the bathroom completely naked with her clothes swung under her arm like a football. On another occasion she remembered my comment about worrying when Ellie goes quiet and found her three times in the same day getting into different places she wasn't supposed to. Next was the need to get her to stop putting absolutely everything in her mouth. She is so active and yet her mind is moving just as fast. Homeschooling will be interesting. I better always be one step ahead or life might be a little crazy.

Samuel has mostly been enjoying the time spent with his friends Gideon, Noah, Caleb and more. He has been a little sad that he hasn't gotten a chance to be the special snack helper yet but I am sure that will come.
I have been enjoying the few moments alone with Josiah and Zach.

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