Monday, October 1, 2007

My fix it men

We were working on packing away some of Sammy's mini baby toys, like his swing. So Zach decided he was going to take it apart. Samuel was fascinated with the screwdriver and kept grabbing ahold of it while Zach was using it. So Zach showed Sammy how to do it. Like father like son. I also wanted to document so I don't forget his total obsession with Microwaves. He spots it everywhere we go the moment we enter the room and points at it excitedly saying "My, My". I have no idea how he figured it out. Because it is not like his food comes out of the microwave. It does occasionally now but it certainly didn't when the obsession started. Also my moms is white and hangs from the cupboards and ours is red and sits on the counter. I have no idea how he knew that it was the same thing.

He also loves doors right now. He sits there and swings the door open, closed, open closed, for long periods at a time.