Thursday, October 27, 2011


My brother Owen, his wife Angela and our nephew William made a really quick visit this month. Owen is going to be deployed in December for 6 months so this is the last time we will see him until at least July. William is 10 months younger than Samuel. That lands him exactly halfway between Samuel and Ellie. When they arrived we met them at the local dairy for an ice cream treat. From the second the boys saw each other they were inseparable.

 After the two days they were spending here they were going to visit our extended families. Samuel was loving his time with his cousin so much that we let him go with my mom on their trip for the last two days of their visit. According to mom he kept going on and on about how it was the best day ever.
The time that I got to spend with my sister in law was precious. We got to have a couple of really great heart to heart talks. I am so glad that I got to have that time.

Josiah is 3 Months

I have to say this is going way too fast. I want time to slow down. Josiah you are so sweet. You smile whenever I talk to you especially after you have a full belly. You will give me these huge belly laughs. Unfortunately I still haven't been able to capture it on camera as that means I have to put you down and then you stop your adorable sounds. You giggle when I try to take your onsie off. I am thinking you will probably be pretty ticklish.
You sleep great at night, you are fighting naps during the day though. Hopefully you will start sleeping well during the day again. I thank God every day for you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weight Loss Week 1

I made it through week 1. I can't say that I dramatically changed my eating habits except that I tracked everything, stayed within my WW points, and became hugely aware of the types of foods I tend to eat. So one baby step at a time, I lost 4 lbs.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weight Loss

I am at a point that I am ready to start thinking about this crazy compounded baby weight. I wouldn't ordinarily post this on my blog. Who knows I may delete it tomorrow as I may not be thinking straight tonight. I am going to start my journey tomorrow. I will post updates on how I am doing on here assuming I leave this post up. Not sure anyone reads this anyway.

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Day of School

Our plan is currently still to home school out kiddlets but in this season we have put them in preschool at a wonderful local church. This year both of them are in class at the same time Samuel is in the 4 year old and Ellie is in the 3 year old class. Works out great they are on the same day.

So far Ellie's teacher has reported that Ellie came out of the bathroom completely naked with her clothes swung under her arm like a football. On another occasion she remembered my comment about worrying when Ellie goes quiet and found her three times in the same day getting into different places she wasn't supposed to. Next was the need to get her to stop putting absolutely everything in her mouth. She is so active and yet her mind is moving just as fast. Homeschooling will be interesting. I better always be one step ahead or life might be a little crazy.

Samuel has mostly been enjoying the time spent with his friends Gideon, Noah, Caleb and more. He has been a little sad that he hasn't gotten a chance to be the special snack helper yet but I am sure that will come.
I have been enjoying the few moments alone with Josiah and Zach.

Josiah is 2 Months

You have been with us for two months now. You are currently eating at 6am-ish, 9am-ish, 12pm-ish, 3pm-ish, 6pm-ish, 9pm-ish and then again around 11pm-ish. You go to bed immediately after the 6am, 6pm and 9pm. The rest of the time you are up for 60-90 minutes. You sleep wonderfully at night in your bed. During the day you tend to sleep better in your swing, car seat or somebodies arms. That is not our goal and when we are home I definitely work on you sleeping in your bed. Since you have older siblings you have learned to be flexible and out of the house often. Your feeds are semi flexible to work around your siblings. You are such a good little sport.
Right now you have figured out how to work your legs out of your swaddle but you still sleep better swaddled so we try to do it just right so you don't escape. You are extremely smiley. You grin at anyone who will talk to you. But especially those you know like grandma, daddy, mommy and of course your smothering doting siblings. You brother is very proud of you and loves doing things for you.
Happiest Baby on the Block - Shooshing

Your sister wants to love and kiss on you all the time. We try and keep her to kissing your head or your toes. She really loves kissing your face though and giving you things such as the sponge from her toy stethoscope she thought you might like to eat.

Soothing Brother

Speaking of eating. You have been fighting eating a lot. We can't quite tell if it is reflux or milk supply but we are working on it. On your 2 month you weighed 12lb14oz. that is up 29 oz since last month. You are growing perfectly. This week we put away all of your 3 month Jammies and brought out the 6 month ones. You are going to be a big boy. If your doctor is correct you will be over 6ft. You will give Uncle Michael a run for his money. We love you very much and are so enjoying your little personality that is starting to shine through that beautiful dimpled smile of yours.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I was so excited to have gotten a comment on my last post. It was my first comment in 2 years. I figured noone reads my blog, which is totally fine since I really write it as a kind of family memory book but I was excited anyway.