Friday, April 25, 2008

Ellianna is -6 weeks Samuel is 1 1/2 years

It has been a while since I last posted. We have exactly 6 weeks left until the due date today. Then our little peanut will finally get to join our family. We now know that it is a girl, at least that is what the ultrasound technician told us. If it is not we will have to repaint her room and return a lot of really cute clothes. Her name will be Ellianna Grace. Ellie for short. I am doing well, getting a little uncomfortable but really in no rush to get this baby out. She is much easier to take care of right where she is.

Samuel is 1 1/2 years old today. He is walking, thankfully. He started at about 14 months. He has all of his teeth except his 2 year molars. He is talking a lot now. The following are some of his most frequently used words:

tagtor (tracktor) us (bus) cah (car) woof woof (dog) guck (duck) cak cak (quack quack) key (Monkey) iwanna (I want) guck (truck) up (up or down) on (used for anything he wants us to do) off, baba (milk or bottle), bup (cup), eye, nose (which he shows us by shoving his finger up it), mouth, ear, bellbow (ellbow) ahm (arm) hands. Hat. oos (shoes) I am sure there are more I am not currently thinking of.

He loves being outside and wants to do anything Zach is doing. He gets dirty from head to toe. This is an adjustment for me as I was previously able to keep him clean. But he is so darn cute when he does get into the dirt. He is definetly all boy. Eating dirt and chasing mommy with worms.