Friday, August 19, 2011

Josiah is 1 Month Old today

My sweet Josiah today you are 1 month old. I can't believe you have only been a part of our life for one short month. It feels like so much longer and shorter at the same time. You are such a sweet boy, I can't imagine our family without you in it.
You are currently eating at 6am-ish, 9am-ish, 12pm-ish, 3pm-ish, 6pm-ish, 9pm-ish, 12am-ish and occasionally between 3 and 4 am-ish.
You sleep great at night although you are a very loud sleeper, I like to call you Mr. Grunty Grunty. Day time naps are another story. If you are in a deep sleep when I lay you down, you sleep like a champ. But if I lay you down awake, which is our goal, you are not a happy camper. You scream and scream until I pick you at which point you let out a heart melting sigh. That was the situation until I tried the Miracle swaddle blanket. I feel a little guilty wrapping you in this baby "straight Jacket" (kidding) and yet it makes you so happy.
I am so excited about your weight gain. You finally leveled out at 9lb13oz at 8 days. Today you were back up to 11lb1oz. In the last week you have gained an average of an oz. Great Job.
Everyday when I look at you I wonder what God has in store for you and I pray that you will choose the path he has planned for you.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


While we were on the Island I spent the most time I have spent with my Grandma King in a long time. I have to admit I dread spending time with her. It breaks my heart to see Grandma like this. I know she is still there, it is just hard to remember.
This weekend Aunty Pat and Uncle Ted were here, they used to live down the road from Grandma in Winnipeg. When they were getting ready to leave Grandma's house she requested a ride home. They had to convince her there were not enough seats in the car. Auntie Robyn (who was staying at Grandma's) had to promise to give her a ride home. Grandma proceeded to put on her shoes and coat and head out to the car. Auntie Robyn drove her around town for 20 minutes. I was supposed to hide when they came back in so Grandma would go to bed. Ellie got out of bed and needed the potty though. Right as I tucked her back in they started to open the door. I slipped into the bathroom and tried to no avail to keep Josiah quiet. He wouldn't have it, he wanted to eat. When I tried to sneak back out Grandma said "I thought I heard a little one in there your auntie Jo (Robyn) is in the kitchen." She then went to bed. She didn't remember why they had gone for a drive.
I love Grandma, but I really want to remember her the way she used to be. I want to remember the summers we spent at Grandma's house all of my childhood. The roast beef dinners with Yorkshire pudding and coleslaw. Making Wacky cake and apple crisp. Getting up early to sit with Grandma and watch reruns of Saved by the Bell and Little House on the Prairie. Playing Spite and Malice or Scrabble. Grandma won most of the time. Grandma and Papa lovingly bickering back and forth. These are the memories I really want to have.
Grandma's best moments now seem to be when she is holding a baby in her arms. I am glad to have had those moments now with her and Josiah. Grandma I love you.

Kids Trip To Victoria

We missed our kids like crazy during the 12 days we were apart but they seem to have had a great time with Grandma and all sorts of cousins, aunts, grandmas, great aunts and uncles...

They got to spend time at the King lake house ....

Inner tubing

Spending Time with Cousins
In the Hot tub
Most of the time was spent at Grandma King's House. My mom is an angel to have taken the two of them when she knew she would have to try and keep them calm and quiet for Great Grandma's sake. Grandma quite often asked when their parents were coming to pick them up.

Doing Puzzles - He was so proud of himself when he was able to do it all by himself without looking at the box.

Taking Great Grandma, and Nana out for Dairy Queen, this took a lot of convincing

Picking Apples from Grandma's Yard for Apple Crisp

Going to the Park with Nana

Cheering on Uncle Jared, Papa and Cousin Jessie at another race
Mama is glad to have her kiddos back
This is what happens when you don't come right away when Ellie calls from the bathroom
I am so thankful to have Ellie and Samuel home. I can't really say that life was boring without them because Josiah has kept me busy, but it is definitely less boring now.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Josiah Update

Josiah will be 3 weeks tomorrow. He is a wonderful sweet baby and he has me completely wrapped around his little finger.
Look at those Chunky Cheeks
Daddy Time

The Big Kids are in love, especially Samuel
Mom was going to Victoria to watch Grandma a week ago last Friday. She took the big kids with her. Josiah is eating every three hours and then I am pumping and finger feeding him. Between that and the many visits to the doctor we thought it would be best for her to take the kids. That was a really hard decision. Though I knew they would be well cared for, the thought of sending them away for 2 weeks was heartbreaking. I am glad that we did now though with how little sleep I am getting. I get to see them on Wednesday, I can't wait.

In the meantime Josiah is slowly gaining weight. He is up to 10lb7oz. He is having more periods of wake time and is even starting to wake up on his own for a few of his feeds. We are going from the 1am feed to the 6am feed giving both of us about a 4.5 to 5 hour stretch at night now. He was willing to go longer but I had to wake him every three hours. He is eating much better since I dropped the 3 am feed. I am getting a little more sleep and he is waking up better the next day.

Josiah responds to my voice. When he is really alert and he hears my voice he looks at me with an ooooh look on his face. It melts my heart.

I can't wait to get the kids home and find our new normal. Things have been out of whack since I got pregnant. I am looking forward to getting into a good routine with the three (wow) kids. I hope the summer weather holds out for a while longer so we can still have some fun in the sunshine before fall gets here.