Thursday, August 28, 2008

Need Prayer

Some of Samuel's new words/expressions: no nap, no bed, no cup, no eat, no belt, and the list goes on and on. If you can put "no" in front of it he has probably said it this week. The picture shown here is Samuel in on of many timeouts.

1sts: Samuel had his first corn on the Cob, also thanks to some great waterwings Samuel was able to swim without help in the big pool at lake connor, this resulted in many versions of "no hands, no help, no touch" and very large temper tantrums when it was time to get out of the pool.

We were camping at my in-laws trailer site at Lake Connor all of last week. We being the kids and I. For a portion of the time my brother and his family and my sister in law and her kids were there too. It rained for most of the week. So we spent a lot of soggy days thanking God that we were in a trailer and not a tent. Samuel amused himself for a long time walking up and down the trailer in my shoes while I fed Ellie.
The rain didn't stop my neices from wanting to swim, so we were down at the pool in the freezing cold rain while they swam in the heated pool. I was trying to feed Ellie while the umbrellas were blowing away, the stroller was soaking wet and all that I could keep under the umbrella was my knees and up. At least Ellie was dry. The next days I drove down to the pool. I was not going to get caught in a down pour again. Ellianna also got to go swimming for the first time. She had this adorable swim suit that I had searched and searched for. Why I thought I needed a swim suit for a 2.5 month old I do not know. So I really wanted her to use it at least once. She loved it. She was so comfortable in the water.

While camping Samuel decided that he would start boycotting all forms of sleep. No more naps and no more bed. He would start his high pitched screeching at the first sign of a bed time routine and would continue it up to two hours after being put in bed. And yet in defense of the fact that he still needs naps, he is so cranky without them. One of the days it was lunch time and he was throwing fits about being put in his booster at the same time screaming "no nap". We wanted to try and get him to eat anyway because I didn't want him to wake up early because he was hungry. He was so mad that he threw a cucumber on the ground then he was so sad that it was on the ground that he leaned over to try and reach it fully crying at the top of his lungs. Only as he was reaching down for it he passed out right there in his chair.
Ellianna slept in her big crib the night before last. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't wake up screaming. She actually slept better than in her bassinett. She is changing so much so fast. She smiles and coos a lot these days. My dad was bouncing her the other day to get her to settle down because of gas. She was actually laughing at him.
As for me. I am having some real personal struggles right now. Since I really don't know who reads this I am not going to mention what they are, but I will just ask that you pray for me knowing that God knows what is going on in our family right now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Samuels new expressions this week: All done now, cooh doo (cool dude), er we go (there we go), ank you (thank you)

Poor Samuel has two molars working there way through. He has been an angel when it comes to listening this week, but will just randomly start shoving his hand in his mouth and crying. It is so sad.

The other day at my moms house Samuel was saying hi to Ellianna and he was pointing out that she had a mouth. I was kind of out of it so I just said 'yes mouth' but didn't notice until a second later that he was showing me her mouth by shoving his finger down her throat. Once the finger was extracted it took Ellie a couple of minutes of coughing to recover. He loves his sister but I need to pay closer attention so she doesn't loose an eye.

As for Ellie she was sleeping 1 am until 7 but is now back to waking up at 530am. It has to be the heat but I am completly exhausted trying to keep up. Please can someone with multiple children tell me that it gets better. If you can't, don't tell me just let me believe that I will someday soon feel rested again.