Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Since my last post I had another appointment with my surgeon on April 16th. I have been released to start slowly integrating other exercises. Unfortunately at the time of the appointment I had hurt my hip and was in so much pain that I could hardly move so once again I was told to take it easy. I think I hurt my hip getting a little too enthusiastic in a Zumba class. It took about a month to stop hurting. Someone later reminded me that since I was only 9 months post partum my joints likely hadn’t tightened back up again.
Right when my hip stopped hurting I took part in a challenge with some weights and overdid it again. For about 5 days I couldn’t straighten out my arms and couldn’t bend them past a 90 degree angle.
I think I have learned my lesson. Work hard but treat my body with respect. It doesn’t always have to be all or nothing. Hopefully I can go a few months without killing myself.
I am now down 39 lbs and am to my pre-all baby weight. Woohoo!