Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Kids This Week

Some of Samuel's newest words/expressions: Time Out, Sorry (what does that say about this week), Bye-Bye Tractor

Some of Samuel's antics this week:

A couple of days ago I told Samuel that I was going to change Ellie’s diaper but then it was going to be time for his nap, so he should pick out some books. He said no. I had my hands full with Ellie’s diaper already off so I delayed going to respond to his blatant refusal. When I was done with Ellie I realized how quiet it had gotten and got a little worried. I started looking for him room by room. I finally found him in our bathroom sitting on a bucket of blocks playing his harmonica. Not that much was coming out but I could just imagine that he would definitely be playing the blues if he could. Even though he had disobeyed he was so darn cute I couldn't help but scoop him up and love on him.

Another time Zach was showering and Samuel decided he should be too. Zach came out of the shower to find Samuel completely stripped down. He had even put his clothes away in on of Zach’s drawers.

On a more scary note, Samuel disappeared today. We found him outside on the sidewalk, he had let himself out because we weren't moving fast enough. This is very scary to me.

As for Ellianna. She is getting chunkier everyday. She weighed in today at 10lb10oz. Craziness. She is 7 weeks old. Samuel was 10lb4oz at 3months1week. She has all these adorable rolls on her thighs. Samuel never had rolls, he had chicken legs. Don't tell my kids I said this. They might not appreciate it. She is also pretty consistently sleeping from her 12am feed until her 6am feed. It is wonderful. So I get about 5 hours of consecutive sleep. Hallelujah.

This is totally funny. Ellianna pooped all over her clothes at my moms house. I had forgotten to bring a spare outfit. My sister in law put her in my neices hello kitty build a bear outfit. It fit her perfectly although she wouldn't be allowed to leave the house like this.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still alive!!

Well things are going well. Ellie is working her way towards a 6 hour stretch at night for which I am very grateful. She is growing like a weed, I don't think the doctors will be hounding me about her lack of weight gain like they did for Samuel. She is now at 6 weeks what Samuel was at 3 months.

Samuel is testing the limits in every way he can come up with. We are now experiencing temper tantrums galore. Let's just say there are a lot of noisy timeouts in our house right now. On a brighter note. He is warming up to his little sister and wanting to help in any way he can. The other day at my moms house I mentioned that Ellie needed her diaper changed. Samuel went running into my moms room. I called him back worried he was getting into something. He came back with a clean diaper for Ellie. He also wants to share his toys although he is not always very gentle in the execution.

He is starting to say a lot. We are always surprised by the concepts he is picking up on. Today when Zach went into the garage and Samuel could no longer see him from his highchair, Samuel called for him to come back repeatedly "honey, honey, honey". (that is what I usually call him)