Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Party

Our friends from "Small Wonders" invited us to join them and some other families for a Valentine's Party. The kids made Valentines for eachother and for the "Grandmas and Papas" at the Retirement home.
Ellianna had a great time with the Ink pens, although she got more of it on herself than on the bag she was decorating. She even had ink up her nose. Don't ask me what would motivate her to do that. Carolyn did such a great job planning this event. She explained to the kids what Valentines Day was really all about and how it started.
They even played a game in which all of the kids had to run from one bowl to another carrying sweethearts on a butterknife whithout using their hands. Samuel and Ellie contributed by eating out of the starting bowl.
This little cutie is Liberty. She was unimpressed with me taking her picture. Normally she has the cutest smile, with the most adorable dimpls.
After a wonderful lunch, including a chocolate fountain, we delivered the cards to the Grandmas and Papas at the retirement home. I think all of those adorable kids managed to bring some joy to the residents day.

Wonderful Daddy

After the rough year our marriage and family went through, I am so excited about all of the positive things that God is doing in that area now. My husband is a wonderful husband, father and man. He has been so great with the kids.

An evening of Tinker Toys

Not feeling well but stayed in the living room to be with us. The kids couldn't leave him alone.

Zach and Samuel installing some hooks for my purses. I think Samuel was mostly avoiding going to bed. But they were having fun together.

This was our most recent boy evening of legos. Samuel was begging me all day to make a bulldozer. I had no idea what he was talking about. Of course Daddy did.

Samuels Oldest Friend

When we moved home from Germany, before we could get back into our house we lived in the La Villa apartments. Samuel was 3 months old at the time. One of the first days I was there I met the pregnant girl who lived above us. She probably thought I was a little crazy because I was so excited there was going to be another new mom and baby so close.

In the next 9 months though we became pretty good friends. We would hang out and let the Kaia and Samuel "play with" or "around" eachother while we visited fairly regularly. By the time they were turning one we both moved out of the apartments and into our own houses.

Unfortunatly now these wonderful friends are going to be moving much farther away. We are going to miss them greatly.