Friday, June 19, 2009

Woodland Zoo

We took the kids to the Zoo last weekend. It was great. Samuel loved it. Ellie slept most of the time in the stroller. But when she was awake she was totally enthralled by the giraffe.
At the petting Zoo Samuel did really well about not touching the animals faces. He was close enough he might as well have been touching though. He kept saying "Hi, hello, hi, hello" He was getting a little annoyed that the silly goat wouldn't stop eating and look at him.
I just love these pictures of Sammy and the Gorilla. I am always calling him my little monkey so this is so fitting.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ellianna Grace

I can hardly believe that my precious baby girl is 1. One year ago right now I was completely exhausted watching my husband who was allowing me to rest while he slept sitting up so he could hold our 6 hour old daughter upright. She kept choking everytime we lay her down.
Today our little Peanut is crawling, pulling up on things, laughing and smiling and changing more and more every day. She has got her own entertaining little personality. Samuel adores her and is always hugging on her. Not always gently enough. Her only word so far is "hi" or "hihihihi" According to our doctor that warrants a visit for our 1 year old to a speach therapist.

My boys have been at it again. In the last month Zach finally got the railings done I have been asking for for 3 years. And they turned out amazing. Go figure Samuel has only fallen off the side of the stairs once. The day we get the railings done he falls backwards down the stairs. Thankfully my dad caught him.

Samuel adores his daddy. He always copies him.

They also built the sandbox we have been talking about for a long time. Again it turned out great. Zach does such a great job. He always finds a reason why it didn't turn out. He is way to hard on himself.